Earn money from home

With Worldly you can earn money as often as you like, with no set hours. Simply sign up, tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you can share with your fellow travellers. Now all that's left is have fun with your guests!

Travel with meaning

Now you can travel anywhere and not stress over the expensive hotels or what to do once you get there. Your travel itinerary will be filled with the real must-see spots. With a Worldly host, your holiday will be a good one.

Meet new and incredible  people

It's really the people you meet along the way that make  the journey  worthwhile. Everyone in the Worldly community is looking to have great experiences, so you are guaranteed to find people with similar interests!

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Email: eve@be-worldly.com

Address: ASPIRE,

Kent Business School,

University of Kent,


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